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5 Great Benefits of Using Countertop Water Filtration Devices

Over the last twenty years, the popularity of countertop filtration systems has soared.

And it is easy to see why, particularly when you look at the benefits.

There are so many different advantages to using a glass water filter pitcher.

They are portable, very affordable, and provide fast access to clean and healthy water.

They are particularly great for families with young children, as a glass water filter pitcher is an easy way to make sure that little ones are drinking safe water.

They offer a simple form of instillation, without the fuss or hassle of standard permanent instillation.

These are not the only benefits either.

This guide to some of the most important advantages of using countertop water filters will help you decide whether they are right for your household.

Water Tastes Better

With a high quality glass water filter pitcher, you can actually make your drinking water taste better.

As most of the impurities are removed you are left with a pure, impeccably clean, and fresh tasting liquid.

If you have had issues with metallic tasting water in the past, you can wave goodbye to them once you start using countertop filtration devices.

It Saves You Money

If you are keen to drink only water that has been deemed pure, clean, and completely safe (unlike some tap water), your choices are either bottled water or the use of a filtration system.

The latter option is the one that will save you money, because you won’t have to waste cash on costly bottled liquids.

You can even store filtered water, so that it can be used on the go.

Endless Health Benefits

Studies have shown, time and time again, that filtered water is much better for the body.

And if you drink plenty of water, you will feel healthier all round.

It is absolutely essential for the smooth functioning of organs, skin, hair, eyes, and just about anything else that you can think of.

Encourage kids to drink plenty of clean, purified water, in order to help their immune systems grow big and strong.

Easy to Use and Install

The average glass water filter pitcher is about the length and width of a juice or punch jug.

It should fit easily into the fridge, if you want to keep your water cool for drinking later.

Or, you can keep it on the counter, because it takes up very little space.

For families who like to go on hikes, picnics, and other excursions, countertop filters are ideal, because they can be picked up, packed in a bag, and taken along as a much needed refreshment.

Easy to Maintain

It is a common misconception to think that water filtration systems come with a lot of fiddly components and added mechanisms.

The vast majority are very simple.

All you need to do is change and replace your filter cartridge twice a year, in order to keep the water clean.

This is really all the maintenance that is required.

So, if you have never bought a countertop water filtration device before, don’t be afraid to start using one now.

Tips For Choosing The Best Rio Beach Umbrella

People who enjoy taking regular vacations are becoming more and more diligent about buying the correct amount of sunscreen and protecting their skin.

However, another step they are taking in order to make their beach vacations safer is finding the best and most sturdy beach umbrella.

This is especially the case if they are traveling with young children or older adults.

Umbrellas, specifically the Rio beach umbrella, offer nice breaks from the direct sunlight.

Though this style of beach umbrella performs the same function, not all brands design them in exactly the same way.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to when buying them


Make sure that you umbrella is made with waterproof fabric.

Most people only see them as a way to keep the sun off their skin or out of their face.

Not only is the product meant to protect you from the sun, but it should ideally be able to keep you dry.

Wind Resistant

You may not realize it, but a beach umbrella that cannot handle wind gusts can potentially very dangerous.

Most people find that when they get close enough to the see, the breeze can be extremely powerful which means that their umbrella needs to be wind resistant.

Avoid being taken off guard and read the fine print of your packaging to see how many mph of wind the umbrella is able to handle.

Large In Size

When it comes to the size of your umbrella, not all are created equally.

Some are designed just so that you will be able sit beneath them.

Others are designed so that you can actually lay down beneath them.

Though the larger umbrellas may cost you more, it is usually the better investment especially if you intend on traveling with your friends and family.


Not everyone is in the market for a certain style of rio beach umbrella.

However, these umbrellas are relatively large, so it may be best to consider how it looks to others.

They style could say a lot about the taste of the owner.

Many brands offer bright and vibrant colors.

This is not only a style choice but because bright colors often offer better protection from the sun.

However, there are certain companies that offer more selections that others.

You may even be surprised to learn that you can also have a company customize this umbrella to your liking.

Whether or not your rio beach umbrella is the best will depend on your needs.

However, most people are looking for many of the same qualities.

The best rio beach umbrella will provide you with the right amount of shade, and is big enough that people can sit under it with relative ease.

Versatility is also a factor because while some people want to set up their umbrella in order to stretch out underneath it, other will be more interested in clamping it to their beach chair.

Inevitable, people have the option to do both.

Choosing the Best Inline Skates by Reading Inline Skates Reviews

If you are looking to buy your first pair of inline skates, there is a wide variety of information that you may want to review first.

Since the type of inline skates that you buy can make a major difference in your performance, you will need to know which types of inline skates should be purchased for your individual skating needs.

Since the prices can also vary greatly from one inline skate to another, you can benefit greatly from reading more than one inline skating review to find the best.

To that end, here’s some info about inline skates and the associated activities that everyone should be aware of today.

Different types of Inline Skating Determines which types to Buy

Street, Park and half-pipe are the three types of inline skating that people can participate in with others.

Therefore, people who want to get started will need to know the differences so that they can invest in the right types of inline skates.

For instance, because park inline skating requires that the individual learns how to do a variety of fun tricks, they will need the right types of inline skates for these specific activities.

So, the skates that they purchase will need to be the more expensive type instead of the least expensive.

To make the right purchase, there is quite a bit of information provided online through inline skate reviews.

Look for Specific Features and what is being said on most Inline skates Reviews

When looking for the best inline skates, there are numerous things that the buyer should be looking for.

For instance, even with each top seller in the industry, there are always pros and cons.

With this in mind, however, there are a few must haves that people should look when the buyers are making these purchases and they include the following.


Just because the person has the right size in an inline skate does not mean the pair will be comfortable.

Since some brands are much more comfortable than others, people should search for this kind of pair when reading the inline skates reviews.

Also, there are different needs for comfort based on the beginner and the advanced levels.

For instance, the beginner skater will need a cuff that fits more snug, while the advanced skater needs a cuff that provides more room for flexibility.

Ventilation Must be Good and Inline Skates Reviews

With this kind of activity, it is easy for the individual’s feet to become hot and sweaty.

Therefore, people do not want to stop along the side to take off their socks to wring them out.

Instead the inline skates themselves should be made with the proper ventilation to prevent these problems from occurring.

Avoiding these problems are not a luxury, but a necessity since the skin can also become irritated and painful.

Select the Right Size Wheels

Aggressive versus beginner skaters should make sure that they are selecting the most appropriate size wheel too.

For instance, when the skater is aggressive, they will need the smaller size, while the beginner will need the bigger size wheels on their inline skates.

Best RV Water Filter for Quality Water Each Time

For those who have been looking for the ideal solution for cleaning your water without the addition of chemicals, you have met your match with the Camco 40645 TastePURE Marine and Best RV Water Filter.

The ideal water filter comes with a host of functionalities that make it easier and convenient for a user to produce clean water when they need it the most.

This particular water filter helps reduce bad odors, taste, sediment and chlorine in the water.

All the user needs to is just to connect the Taste pure 40645 to tour drinking water source for reliable and clean water each time.

Durable activated carbon filter

The Camco water filter comes with a granular activated carbon filter that provides users with safe drinking water from any water source.

More importantly, it also comes with a durable in line and exterior mount filter that has a wide body for improved high flow.

Prior to attaching the filter to your water source, it is important that your allow the water to run liberally for a few minutes such that the initial flow of water can flush the loose and embedded carbon out of the filter.

Once the water source runs clear, the filter is then ready for the provision of clean water for your unique needs each time.

Versatile and simple to use design

Aside from the durable carbon filter, this unit also has a versatile design that is easy to attach to any garden hose and standard water source for clean water.

Carbon filtering uses a bed of activated carbon particles to sift out particles and elements.

This sort of versatility and simple to use design makes it ideal at campsites or for keeping sediments in your marine fresh water tank as well as for improving the quality of drinking water for camping needs.

Users can also use it in the garden for reduced chlorine watering for plants and for washing your car as well.

The superior quality water is also ideal for filling your hot tub, pool, boating and home brewing.

150-micron fiber barrier and Inline design

Further lending to the excellent design of this best RV water filter is the fact that it can be used to eliminate bad taste, aluminum, hydrogen sulfide, lead, turbidity, and odor as well.

This sort of effect is achieved through the utilization of the 150-micron fiber barrier that is specially designed to eliminate the impurities and chemicals from the water.

The inline design helps to streamline the flow of water such that users can have a steady flow for any application.

In final view, the Camco 40645 TastePURE Marine and Best RV Water Filter is a worthwhile investment for those seeking convenient and superior quality for their needs each time.

This unit is not only easy to use, but it also comes with a superior and durable filter that ensures you have a constant supply of clean water.