All You Need to Know About Christmas Trees

It has become a tradition of many that during the Christmas Eve, there would be a selection of a tree which is to decorate with different ornamentations by the family members.

The presence of a decorated Christmas tree is symbolic.

A Christmas Eve is not complete without the Christmas tree.

Many value this tradition and partake it as if it were a norm during this merry-making holiday.

To make the best appealing tree, the selection of a Christmas tree is from various varieties of trees.

Types of Christmas Trees

There is a broad range of Christmas trees from types of pine and fir species to other varieties which are popular in the US for instance like Douglas-fir, cots pine, and Fraser fir, while in the United Kingdom Nordmann fir and Norway spruce is quite familiar.

The rest of the varieties are popular in Europe.

To deliver these trees during Christmas Eve, some farmers make sure this happen, from the fields to individual’s homes.

Cultivation of Christmas Trees

There is a whole process that takes place to make sure there are enough trees during Christmas Eve.

It brings us to the growing of these trees.

Christmas tree cultivation is an agricultural, forestry and horticultural occupation which entails growing all types of tree varieties known to be used for Christmas holiday.

Planting of the trees is done through pruning and shearing and the last stage which his harvesting.

Harvesting is done in through can be done by where customers roam freely and pick their tree and cut it down.

History of Christmas trees

The most common type of Christmas tree to be used was evergreen fir tree, whereby Christian uses it during Christmas holiday to symbolize everlasting life with God.

The evergreen fir tree was also used to celebrate winter festivals by both Christians and pagans.

It said that no one is sure when the use of Christmas trees began, but it can be pointed out to Northern Europe back 1000 years ago.

Many types of Christmas trees used to appear hanging upside down from ceilings using chains.

Early Christmas tree to be used was cherry or hawthorn plants or a branch of the plant.

The hawthorn plant would be placed in a pot and was expected to flower around Christmas period.

What makes a tree a Christmas tree?

Not all types of trees can be used as Christmas tree the common varieties used as Christmas trees, largely resemble the first trees that were utilized in the early ages of Christmas trees or are known from early ages evergreen fir being one of those.

When selecting Christmas trees, no type is known to be better than the other all varieties are almost equal.

What makes individuals opt to have a kind of Christmas tree over another would be:

  1. The preference size of the tree wanted by the client,
  2. The strong scent coming from a particular type of Christmas tree,
  3. The question of how secure the branches of an individual Christmas tree is, so as to determine if it will be able to handle heavy ornaments,
  4. If a tree has soft, non-pricky leaves and stalks that might not injure individuals quickly,
  5. How presentable a tree look, for instance, most people would opt to have a Christmas tree that takes a symmetrical shape and has appealing leaves.