Metal Beach Umbrella Anchors – Are They Worth Your Money?

While there are a few umbrellas which are more suitable than the rest when it comes to holding up during a windy day, those who go into shopping with the intention of buying such an umbrella may feel limited to what may be available to them.

When this is the case, or when someone merely doesn’t want to part with their current umbrella, a metal beach umbrella anchor can be had which keeps things going smoothly under windy conditions.

As with all purchases; however, there are some people the product will work for and some people for which it won’t.

In fact, the umbrella you have may already be rather wind-resistant in make.

Do you know whether or not a metal beach umbrella anchor will be beneficial? Let’s find out!

Does Your Umbrella Have a Large Top?

The larger the top of your umbrella is, the easier it is for a gust of wind to come along and take it away.

Like a tissue who’s mass is spread out, nature has no qualms about stealing it from you.

If; however, you have an umbrella which could be described as being rather small in stature, this may be less of an issue.

Where is Your Umbrella’s Center of Gravity?

It makes sense that the lower portion of an umbrella will be heavier than the upper portion, the question is how much heavier.

If your umbrella’s stand is bigger than most in relation to the entire unit and is made of thick metal, it’s rather unlikely that you’ll encounter wind strong enough to pick it up off of the ground.

If your stand is small or made of plastic; however, you’ll find it to be a little more susceptible to stronger winds.

If you’re using a unit with a high center of gravity in a windy area, a metal beach umbrella anchor is nearly essential.

Is Your Umbrella’s Top Vented?

Sometimes, the top of an umbrella will have tiny holes in it that allow wind to pass through them.

Wind to a porous umbrella is like water to a bucket with a hole in it.

If the wind can pass through it, the odds of it ever leaving the ground are quite unlikely.

To tell if your umbrella exhibits this quality, simply hold it up to a light.

If you don’t see a bunch of tiny specs of light, you may want to consider grabbing yourself that anchor.

How Curved Is Your Umbrella?

Some umbrellas curve at a near ninety-degree angle, while others are little more than a straight line.

Those with a steep curve are much less likely to have wind get under them.

For those with a very gentle curve; however, all it takes is a tiny updraft to send you running across the beach trying to retrieve it.

As you can see, anchoring an umbrella can be very beneficial, assuming you need it.

Getting an anchor can even save you money in comparison to buying an entire new, wind-proofed umbrella, making it great for the frugal.