My Secret to Surviving the Beach: The Sport Brella Beach Chair

The summer is coming, and my family will be one of the many that will migrate to the beaches for the better part of the summer months.

As the weather begins to warm up, I am stocking up on all of the summer essentials I know I need to survive the season.

Along with new swimsuits, industrial sized coolers, and a dizzying array of creams, sprays, and candles to ward off biting insects I will have my secret to waterfront success: a beach chair.

In my case, not just any beach chair, but the Sport Brella beach chair.

Why? Because after years of wrestling with plastic deck chairs, canvas lounge chairs and “beach ready” alternatives, this was the only chair that I found that was designed with beaches in mind.

The material is soft, unlike many rough canvas chairs or nylon chairs that get sweaty and sticky after a short while.

The chair sits low to the ground, in contrast to some other chairs that either obstructs the view of those behind you (which can get you a lot of nasty looks during waterfront games and fireworks) or catch the wind.

The chair is light weight, folds up nicely and stores easily, and the umbrella is fully adjustable.

It took me several years of trial and error before I finally found a brand and model that worked for me.

I even tried to forgo beach chairs all together in favor of tents and large umbrellas.

It was too much work to set up and take down at the end of the day, and they were heavy.

I needed a lightweight solution that I could take anywhere, even on public transport.

With small kids running in and out of the water, I needed a solution that was easy to set up and comfortable enough to let me stay put for a long time in the hot summer sun.

I know that $50 can seem like a lot to invest in a place to sit down.

Whatever happened to the traditional beach towel/blanket and deck umbrella?

It was good enough for my mother; it is good enough for me, right?

Wrong! As the saying goes, when you know better, you do better.

And if you clock a lot of time at the beach or the lake you are aware that investing in small creature comforts can increase your enjoyment and let the good times roll for several extra hours.

I mean, you CAN camp without a mosquito net but why would you want to? My

My Sport Brella Beach Chair is my investment in being able to enjoy the surf and sun all day, without feeling fried or picking sand out of my unmentionables.

The umbrella lining is UPF 50+, letting me sit in the shade with confidence well into the late afternoon.

And the best part is, it’s a durable product.

I don’t have to replace it every year, though I plan to buy a new one for my son this year.

So the secret to success this year is having all the right gear.

My Sport Brella Beach Chair is at the top of my list of summertime must haves.