Tips For Choosing The Best Rio Beach Umbrella

People who enjoy taking regular vacations are becoming more and more diligent about buying the correct amount of sunscreen and protecting their skin.

However, another step they are taking in order to make their beach vacations safer is finding the best and most sturdy beach umbrella.

This is especially the case if they are traveling with young children or older adults.

Umbrellas, specifically the Rio beach umbrella, offer nice breaks from the direct sunlight.

Though this style of beach umbrella performs the same function, not all brands design them in exactly the same way.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to when buying them


Make sure that you umbrella is made with waterproof fabric.

Most people only see them as a way to keep the sun off their skin or out of their face.

Not only is the product meant to protect you from the sun, but it should ideally be able to keep you dry.

Wind Resistant

You may not realize it, but a beach umbrella that cannot handle wind gusts can potentially very dangerous.

Most people find that when they get close enough to the see, the breeze can be extremely powerful which means that their umbrella needs to be wind resistant.

Avoid being taken off guard and read the fine print of your packaging to see how many mph of wind the umbrella is able to handle.

Large In Size

When it comes to the size of your umbrella, not all are created equally.

Some are designed just so that you will be able sit beneath them.

Others are designed so that you can actually lay down beneath them.

Though the larger umbrellas may cost you more, it is usually the better investment especially if you intend on traveling with your friends and family.


Not everyone is in the market for a certain style of rio beach umbrella.

However, these umbrellas are relatively large, so it may be best to consider how it looks to others.

They style could say a lot about the taste of the owner.

Many brands offer bright and vibrant colors.

This is not only a style choice but because bright colors often offer better protection from the sun.

However, there are certain companies that offer more selections that others.

You may even be surprised to learn that you can also have a company customize this umbrella to your liking.

Whether or not your rio beach umbrella is the best will depend on your needs.

However, most people are looking for many of the same qualities.

The best rio beach umbrella will provide you with the right amount of shade, and is big enough that people can sit under it with relative ease.

Versatility is also a factor because while some people want to set up their umbrella in order to stretch out underneath it, other will be more interested in clamping it to their beach chair.

Inevitable, people have the option to do both.