Which Camping Chair Do You Need?

What is camping?

It’s an “elective outdoor recreational activity”.

In other words, it’s a wonderful thing.

To get out there in nature, and just explore and be at peace with the world.

For some, it involves hiking up to the tallest peak and it isn’t real until you wake up stiff the next morning from sleeping on the ground all night.

For others, camping involves an RV, and there is no way that you are going outside without taking a shower and watching your favorite show.

There are many different ways to go camping, and none of them are necessarily wrong.

But there are a few things that are non negotiables for everyone involved.

The first being sunscreen, because no matter what, it is not fun to be outdoors 90% of the day and have to deal with a sunburn.

Then of course you have to worry about whether or not is is UV or UVA or UVB sensitive, and if it’s for swimming or how long it will stay on your skin.

Following that thread would be bug spray, because in no way do you want to be fending off those annoying little insects during the heat of the day, or just at dusk, when the fading sun tends to bring out the worst of them all.

Another thing you would be looking for is a camping chair.

Yes! Because it is most important that you have a place to park your tush at the end of a day, surrounding a cozy fire.

Camping chairs are essential for an enjoyable experience in nature.

But which camping chair is right for you? Read camping chair reviews to find out.

There are many out there, from simple little three poles and a stretch of fabric that is designed to just be enough for you, to massive lounge-style chairs that are almost the size of your tent.

What kind do you need to get?

Of course, that does depend on what kind of camping you are doing and how much equipment you are able to haul in and out of your campsite.

The nice lounge-y style chairs can vary in size.

One of the most common, which can also more commonly be found in college students dorm rooms, is the butterfly chair.

It is a rather simple piece of fabric, that is held up by a somewhat intricate assembly of steel rods.

But it is so ridiculously comfortable and the best thing ever unless you want to hang up a hammock somewhere.

And if you have ever sat in a papusan, you would know that there is not much else more comfortable than that, and they also come in camping form.

Amazon has it for about $50, so don’t be too worried about breaking the bank.

But this is of course, for more of a leisurely camping trip.

I definitely wouldn’t strap this one to my bag and hike a mountain.

If you are up for more of an adventure, you probably want to go with a more lightweight style of chair.

They can come also in different sizes, but typically the smaller, the better.

This guy has the right idea.

He made his own chair.

No matter how you choose to park your tush, just remember to enjoy yourself out there in the woods.

And watch out for those bed bugs.